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For suppliers and contractors

Dear Partners,

Welcome to the official procurement website of Severstal Group of Companies. This is a temporary webpage in English untill full english version of the website will be developed. Severstal's procurement departments manage 96% of all costs in our company. The range of purchased materials and equipment is about 98,000 item positions, of which about 40 thousand items are regularly purchased. Many materials, equipment and services are purchased centrally for several assets of Severstal Group of Companies. The supplier base we work with has more than 7,300 organizations.

Payment days of Severstal group companies: PAO Severstal - Thursday

Please note that Severstal Group of Companies does not publish information about  procurement procedures using third-party websites and is not liable for accuracy and relevance of information about ongoing procurement procedures published on such information resources. All relevant information about procurement procedures of Severstal Group of Companies is contained exclusively on this site

Severstal code of business conduct

Please be informed on Severstal code of business conduct effective at  Severstal. Below you can find a link to the Code for your information and  taking into account when cooperating with companies of Severstal group.

  • Severstal code of business conduct establishes main philosophy of our company. These principles are focused on establishing fair, open and ethic cooperation with our Partners.
  • Severstal assumes responsibility toward building an efficient collaboration with its Partners based on sharing the values specified in Severstal code of business conduct. 
  • Non-acceptance or gross violation of the Code provisions by a Partner may become an obstacle to cooperation between Severstal group company and such Partner.
  • If you are aware of any violations of the Code by any third persons cooperating with us or by our employees, you can always inform us of such violations by sending an email at the address specified in the Code.

Occupational and industrial safety

Procurement procedures

All procurement procedures of Severstal Group of Companies are carried out electronically. Enterprises of Severstal Group of Companies are using an automated Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) system based on SAP SRM (Supplier Relationship Management) and SAP SLC (Supplier Lifecycle Management) solutions.

The system is designed to implement the procedures for selecting a supplier using an electronic bidding platform, evaluating suppliers, as well as electronic exchange of purchase orders and notices of shipment of goods/provision of services between Severstal and the supplier.

Disclaimer: all procurement procedures conducted by Severstal are not regulated by Articles 447 – 449 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

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For prospective suppliers

Prospective suppliers have to complete the registration and pre-qualification process which includes the following steps:  

  1. Participant registration
  2. Accreditation of a prospective supplier according to a pre-qualification questionnaire
  3. Releasing vendor (buyer’s check)
A Participant can register in the SRM SLC system through a registration procedure in a web interface at the following link

Registration Log on

To get more information about registration and further accreditation in the SRM system please read SAP SRM Supplier’s guidelines:

Login password recovery rules:

  1. If the request comes from the email specified by the supplier during registration, the new password will be sent to this address;

  2. If the request comes from another e-mail / group mailbox — the supplier has to write an official letter about resetting the password with reason for recovering the password. Password cannot be restored by phone call.

  3. If the user forgot his/her login password or blocked it, he/she should contact srm@severstal.com.

Employee Code of Conduct


In case of any issues with registration on SRM platform feel free to contact us at email for assistance.