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«Северсталь» присоединилась к инициативе Всемирного экономического форума по разработке единых метрик ESG-отчётности

31 января 2022
The initiative was called «The Stakeholder Capitalism Metrics». With their help it will be easier for investors to evaluate the activities of companies from various countries and industries in ESG according to universal criteria. More than two hundred international companies have already adopted the «The Stakeholder Capitalism Metrics» and many of them have started using them in corporate reporting. ’Capitalism as a system based on economic freedom and competition has been the main driving force of progress and a tool for creating value and still remains as such. The next evolution stage of the current economic system should be capitalism aimed at serving the interests of all «stakeholders» based on the principles of sustainable development. Severstal has made significant progress in ESG matters over the past years. And we would like to take a direct part in the discussion started by the World Economic Forum in order to find ways for the efficient development of the economy and business in a new reality and define common metrics that will allow the companies to make decisions that meet the principles of sustainable development and the «stakeholders» to evaluate the efforts of companies in this area,’ said Alexey Mordashov, Chairman of Severstal Board of Directors.